• Coming soon… How to write arts project budgets / plan or cost a project
  • Intro to Fundraising
  • Funding – Applying for grants
  • Arts Council England – Grant for the Arts
  • Applying to Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts Programme: an unofficial guide
  • ACE Grants for the Arts – Application Cheatsheet

Sponsorship, Individual Giving and Relationship Fundraising

  • Patreon
  • Fundraising Essentials for Individual Artists & Companies
  • Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy – Resources & Research


  • Is your project suitable for Crowdfunding?
  • Crowdfund Plymouth
  • Plymouth & South West Crowdfunding Creators group
  • MESH Crowd-FUN-ding Meetups
  • How To… Crowdfunding Resources


Finding a venue / space for your project

  • Artists Access to Empty Spaces: Fact Sheet
  • Understanding Meanwhile Leases
  • Hunt & Darton Cafe Toolkit
  • PAW venue matching service
  • Artists Hot 100 – looking to show your work beyond Plymouth

Finding somewhere to work

Co-working spaces in Plymouth

  • PAC Home
  • Plymouth University – Cafe spaces
  • Plymouth Libraries

Larger meeting-style / project / event spaces

  • Radiant
  • Theatre Royal / TR2 Space Race Membership Scheme
  • Union Corner

Studio spaces

  • Ocean Studios
  • Studio 102
  • Coming soon… How to set up your own studio space?


  • Library of Things

Access to Workshops

  • Fab Lab Plymouth
  • Ocean Studios Associate Programme
  • Flameworks Creative Arts Facility


Finding other people to work with

  • DIY TOO: A beginner’s guide to making a DIY artist-led project
  • Coming soon… More info about PAC Home
  • Coming soon… More info about Digital Plymouth Meetup
  • Coming soon… More info about Studio groups
  • Coming soon… More info about Events
  • Coming soon… More info about Groups – eg Bread & Roses, Hotwire
  • Coming soon… Understanding partnership working

Skill Up

  • Coming soon… How to skill up online
  • MESH

Insurance & Risk Assessment

  • Coming soon… More info on Insurance & Risk Assessment for arts projects


Useful Toolkits for Project Development



Previous Resources

Intro Slides – Arts Funding (and how to get it)

Joe Meldrum – Plymouth Culture, G4A
Joe Meldrum Grants for the Arts

Matt Ashdown – Artist and fundraiser
VAP presentation V2 – Matt Ashdown
Funding Research Database Template

Hannah Sloggett – Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding Plymouth

Space X Exeter

Additional Resources:

The business case for community investment (useful when pitching to corporate sponsors)…/community…/business-case

Prepared for a workshop Rachel Dobbs runs with Plymouth College of Art students who are new to fundraising……/arts-funding-applyi…/

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Project Budgets:

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