Finding a venue / space for your project

Artists Access to Empty Spaces: Fact Sheet

As convener of the Artists Access to Empty Space event in March 2015, Hannah Rose (nee Jones) (LOW PROFILE & The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art) compiled this useful factsheet about using empty spaces for arts activity.

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Understanding Meanwhile Leases

“Meanwhile leases were established by the Department for Communities and local Government (DCLG) Meanwhile Project to encourage the temporary occupation of empty town centre retail premises by non-commercial occupiers, who will be able to contribute to town centre vitality but who would otherwise be unable to afford normal commercial rents.

The logistics of Meanwhile Use leases are that a tenant occupies a vacant property for an agreed short term period of until a commercial tenant is found. The tenant does not have the right to occupy and the lease can be terminated at any time (with a short notice period). Temporary occupiers might include voluntary or charitable groups, information centres, artists, musicians etc

An example Meanwhile Lease:

Fact sheet from SVA – Gloucestershire:

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Hunt & Darton Cafe Toolkit

Artist duo and successful Cafe proprietors Hunt & Darton published an essential toolkit in 2016 on the topic of setting up, securing and running a pop-up arts project on the High Street – including advice on talking to estate agents, pitching your project, licensing and other logistical details.

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PAW venue matching service

Each year, Plymouth Art Weekender offers a venue matching service to help artists make their public projects, exhibitions and events a reality.

More information about how to get involved is coming soon…

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Artists Hot 100 – looking to show your work beyond Plymouth

The ARTIST-LED HOT 100 is an artwork by Kevin Hunt that aims to draw attention to some of the most superb activity being facilitated by emerging independent artists and curators right now in the UK. As artist-led activity is (by its nature) precarious, relatively quick-moving and ever-changing, as you check through the information, you might notice that some of the spaces and projects are no longer up and running. However, the Artist-Led HOT 100 is a great resource to use to see what other artist-led projects are out there, to start to make links with others around the country and to get involved with artist-led culture

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Finding somewhere to work

Co-working spaces in Plymouth


THINQTANQ is a friendly, paid-for co-working space in central Plymouth, where you can hotdesk, rent a permanent desk, hire meeting rooms or space to run courses, workshops & events. They also have a 3D printer that you can use. You can pay for a regular monthly membership, or one-off visitor passes.

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PAC Home

PAC Home has a co-working space at Plymouth Art Centre for members. PAC Home is a membership network for artists, curators and writers, who live and work in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. Set up in 2012, PAC Home now boasts over 70 members and was cited by a-n as “one of the best examples in the country”.

You can also pay to hire the 61-seater cinema or the Batter Street warehouse-style studio space.

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Plymouth University – Cafe spaces

Plymouth University has a number of public open-access cafe spaces (with 4hrs free WiFi per day) where you can do desk-based work. These spaces are also often open (and quieter) after their advertised opening times. See full details on the Plymouth University website –

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Plymouth Libraries

Plymouth Central Library has some (limited) free-to-use space for desk-based work and free WiFi, as do other smaller Plymouth City Council libraries around a range of neighbourhoods in the city.

For opening hours & locations, see:

You can also pay to hire Meeting Rooms at the Central Library and other smaller libraries.

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Larger meeting-style / project / event spaces


Radiant has a paid-for meeting space available to hire for events, rehearsals, workshops etc. There is space for up to 40 people, with the option of catering from the adjoining RumpusCosy cafe.

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Theatre Royal / TR2 Space Race Membership Scheme

TR2’s Space Race is a free membership scheme for individuals and not-for-profit organisations involved in arts and/or community related activity. Members gain free, room-only access to use rehearsal and production space at the TR2 complex in Cattedown (2 miles outside Plymouth city centre), bookable at 3 weeks’ notice (subject to availability). Applications for membership can be made at any time and it will take up to one month for your application to be reviewed.

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Union Corner

Union Corner is a space run by Stonehouse Action for the local community to come together for events, workshops and to try out new ideas to improve the local area. Union Corner is available to book for £10 per hour (or £5 for Stonehouse residents who want to try something new in the community).

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Studio spaces


KARST Studios has nine studios for contemporary artists working in the city, with 24 hour access. Spaces are reviewed and assessed by a selection panel, comprising of KARST staff and board members with 2 x intakes per year.

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Ocean Studios

Ocean Studios has a selection of self-contained studios situated in Royal William Yard available for monthly rental. Studio holders can propose workshops and activities in spaces around the building and access specialist workshops at reduced rates. Studio units can be shared by up to three artists (subject to maximum occupancy limits).

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Studio 102

Studio 102 has seven studio spaces, available on a 6 month tenancy (including one exhibition in the Studio 102 50sq/m gallery space). They operate a waiting list for studio spaces, and the gallery space is also available to hire (for non-studio artists).

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Coming soon… How to set up your own studio space?

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